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Welded wire mesh produced according to international standards in flat standard Sheet sizes, custom-made cut and bend shapes according to the customer's satisfaction.

This is used in many industries and are often specially shaped to suit the particular application. In building uses, the most common sections are the C and the Z shapes. There are, however, a whole range of variants of these basic shapes, including those with edge lips, internal stiffeners and bends in the webs. Other section shapes are the "top-hat" section and the modified I section. The common range of cold-formed sections that are marketed is illustrated in Figure below. The sections can also be joined together to form compound members.

The reason for the additional lips and stiffeners is because unstiffened wide thin plates are not able to resist significant compression and consequently the use of steel in the section becomes inefficient. However, a highly stiffened section is less easy to form and is often less practicable from the point of view of its connections. Therefore, a compromise between section efficiency and practicability is often necessary.
Advantages of using cut and bend or Reinforced steel products.
  • High strength for a given section depth
  • Ability to provide long spans (up to 10 m)
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Long term durability (if galvanized) in internal environments
  • Freedom from creep and shrinkage
  • Can be formed to a particular shape or application
  • Lightness, particularly important in poor ground conditions
  • Dry envelope
  • Delivered to site cut to length, requiring no further fabrication
The use of wire mesh in construction is cost saving at the same time it accelerates construction as it is supplied in ready to place conditions for saving time and man power for steel cutting, bending and tying, eliminates wastes saves electrical power, and the strength of the reinforced steel is higher.
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