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Inter Taym invites all potential investors and buyers to take part in the modernization program of OJSC Murmansk Commercial Seaport.

OJSC Project - An attractive Investment Opportunity !

We present to you an excellent opportunity to be a part of the OJSC project and benefit from such endeavors. With the pride of holding the biggest enterprises in Murmansk , the commercial project is one of the largest in North-Western part of Russia making it the best place for parking funds.

The Murmansk Commercial Seaport is situated in the Northern part of Kola Bay which is 22 miles from Barents Sea . This is one of the largest seaport areas and has excellent facilities which make it one of the biggest ports in the region.

The All-Purpose Murmansk Port

The Murmansk port is intelligently divided into three separate unloading areas. Parts 1 and 2 are intended to handle General and Bulk shipments which are facilitated by hi-tech machineries. Portal Cranes having capacity of lifting around 40tn, Fork trucks having capacity of lifting 32tn, bucket trucks and roll-trailers with capacity of 40tn are used to unload cargos on the seaport. With capacity to lift 500tn the floating cranes are used for extremely heavy shipments and loads.

Part 1 & 2 - General and Bulk Shipments

Our complete cargo is stored in commercially built storage warehouses which are spread over an open area of 100.000 sq. m and covered warehouses of 30.000 sq. m.

Area 1 & 2 are designed specifically to handle shipments pertaining the following:

  • Non-ferrous metals ingots (Aluminum, Copper and Nickel) and steel in rolls.
  • Coal being shipped in Bulk
  • Aluminum in raw and processed form
  • Scrap, Pig iron, Ore pellets and ore in bulk
  • Chemical products with building materials
  • Foodstuff (Vegetables, Fruits and Meat)
  • Technological Equipment
  • Cargos with Containers UCO-20 and UCO-40

part from these there is a high capacity modern complex which is capable of handing mineral fertilizers cargo with cumulative capacity of 2500000tn per year and has sophisticated unloading devices with covered warehouses for complete protection of the goods.

Part 3 - Apatite Concentrate Section!

Part 3 is our special purpose unloading section which is concentrated towards handling apatite concentrate.

The section has been facilitated by special purpose machines for handling of equipment and unloading apatite rail cars into ships. This section has a large capacity of 1000tn/hour, with a yearly capacity of 3000000tn/year making this facility an extremely vast area for shipments. A covered warehouse with capacity of 25000tn is available at this section which is used for storing apatite. The unloading from ships to rail car, cars to ships and even ships to warehouses is easily managed by the eminent personnel employed at this place.

Lifting Facility

Apart from all-purpose lifting devices, there are several weighing devices with railway scales to weigh empty and loaded rail cars up to the capacity of 120tn, Car scales up to 15tn and Cargo scales up to 3tn. The overall capacity of this port is 9.000.000tn.

Our Investment Aim

Our special attention towards this area brings you an opportunity to make fruitful investments thereby gaining from the world-class business enterprise.

All our Investment endeavors are targeted to make you grow financially leading to a successful business venture with us.

To be a part of this successful business, drop in a line and we shall mail you the complete project details. See you soon.

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