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Inter Taym is equipped with modern machinery of advanced technology for cutting and bending of reinforcing steel, the high capacity and the automation of the machinery results in shorter delivery times and higher accuracy in dimensions.

Details of defferent types of machines as are follows:
Hydraulic Shear Cutting Machine
This shear-line from a leading European manufacturer is a workhorse having a capacity to shear up to 300 tones of steel per day depending on the diameter of steel,number of cuts etc.
Technical Specification
1 Maximum diameter of bars that can be sheared 40 mm
2 Blade width 450 mm


Stroke 100 mm
4 Blade Clearance 90 mm
Manual Shears
To supplement the capacity of the main hydraulic shear during times of peak demand and to overcome the weakness of the main shear line this is not able to operate at high efficiency when smaller jobs are to be carried out.
Bending Machines

The bending machines are from leading European manufacturer and supplemented by Italy made machines. The machines are specifically designed of bars used for reinforcing concrete. The rigid machine construction is suitable for operation in harsh conditions without breakdowns. The machines operate at a speed of 1450/910 r.p.m and are capable of accurately bending deformed bars up 40 mm. Inter Taym also has bending machine to carry out spiral and radius bending.

Double Bending Machine

From a leading European Manufacturer this machine is mainly used where bends are to be carried out at both the ends of the bar. The fully automatic double bending machines as the name carries out two bends at the same time and is this able to operate at a much higher level of efficiency compared to the conventional bending machines.

Stirrup Bender

This machine is again from a leading manufacturer in the Europe and is capable of producing stirrups at a feeding capacity of 150 M/min and is to operate at with a twin strand of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm diameter deformed coil steel.

Production tolerances of stirrups produced by this machine are as follows:-

  • Side length max + - 2mm ( Normal + mm)
  • Angles max+ -2Degree ( Normal +- Degree)
Material Handling

The efficiency of the any rebar factory is determined by the speed with the material is handled . Material handling in the shop-floor of Inter Taym is carried out through two numbers of overhead cranes having a capacity of 5 tonnes, and forklift truck with a capacity of 5 tonnes.

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