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We take the pleasure to introduce ourselves as a professional firm of producing and exporting various kinds of welded wire meshes. For strength and versatility there are few engineering materials to rival Weldmesh. This famous name has become synonymous with welded steel mesh the world over.

Weldmesh is one of the specialist products of InterTaym and is widely specified for a multitude of uses throughout industry, building and construction, agriculture and horticulture. Manufactured from bright drawn mild steel to ASTM A 853-93, the mesh is electrically welded at each intersection.

Many types of Weldmesh are available hot-dip galvanized after manufacture, which gives a zinc coating in excess of ASTM A 641-92 Class.

Applications and Advantages welded wire mesh

In Both above ground and underground construction as well as in pre cast factories wire mesh is used to reinforced extended areas like floors, walls roads and joints with specially formed bent wire mesh can be used are storage tanks, silos, concreate pipes or plates floors.

A major area for concern when refurbishing is the restoration of cracked plaster, render, damaged stone or brickwork. On many occasions, it is impossible to remove existing material to form a key without structural damage. The application of a layer of Weldmesh over the existing surface to provide a mortar reinforcement prior to the final surface coat can often be the answer.

Weldmesh is ideal for bridge parapet guards on interstates and freeways. It provides a secure barrier in addition to being compatible with other materials used in bridge construction.

Weldmesh is also used for girder lagging prior to concrete or plastic finishing, suspended ceilings, shelving systems, window protection and even earth stabilization.

Guarding and protecting are two areas where mesh is invaluable: safety guards on scaffolding, especially on multi-story blocks; and compounds for the storage of material on-site to provide protection from vandalism.

Wire mesh as reinforcement reduces the project costs and speed up the construction period as opposed to rebar since:

Wires mesh is supplied in a ready to place condition and thus time and manpower for steel, bending and tying are saved. Wire mesh is easier and faster to place resulting in reduction of time and cost by 50-80%. Cutting at site is not needed thus no material loss has to be calculated. The yield strength of wire mesh is higher, therefore, the weight of reinforcing steel is reduced in the range of 40%.

Weldmesh is manufactured from bright drawn mild steel wire, electronically welded at every intersection. It is produced in self-color (flash copper coating), galvanized after manufacture and PVC coated. Certain specifications are also produced from wire, both lightly and heavily galvanized, before welding.

The wire from which the mesh is made is manufactured to ASTM A 853-93 specifications for mild steel wire for general engineering purposes. Mesh may also be produced from this wire heavily galvanized in accordance with ASTM A 641-92 Class 3 specification for zinc coatings on steel wire, or the wire mesh may be galvanized after manufacture. All mesh consists of wires running the length of the roll or panel known as the line wires, to which cross wires are welded at right angles. British standard prefered meshes in stock size steel 4.8m long x 2.4m wide.
Note: Steel of different sizes and wire spacing can be supplied to suits individual requirements
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